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My name is Benjamin Osondu Onuorah; I am a Fine Artist (I specialize in Painting, Drawing and Photography), Programmer and Educational Technologist with over 15 years of experience, born and grow in Lagos now live and work from my home studio at Ota.

Fine Art

My works are mostly influenced by the traditional Igbo Uli design as well as the vastness and complexity of human imagination. Igbo culture is very rich and an inexhaustible source of inspiration to me. It can come in the form of past or historic Igbo tradition, language, architecture, religion, people to today’s technology and everything that connects or relates with the way we lived in the past, living in the present or shall live in the future.

Recent works




Programming Projects

  • is an on-line interactive gallery, designed to give younger and upcoming fine artist the opportunity to register, upload, showcase and sell their artworks free of charge, the platform also promotes the richness of Nigerian art; celebrate Nigerian artist, and provides an on-line art discussion forum.

  • NEMS Learning Management System: This solution automate the flow of information between school administrators, the teachers, the students and parents to manage, monitor and provide all-round seamless quality educational management support

  • NEMS Computer-based Testing System: The application makes it easy to seamlessly conduct a test for school/organization, using a client/server network to access the system and converting the paper-based test to a better and automated process for more satisfying user experience. From the school owners, setting up the test and its parameter for the students/candidates to write the test and receive an instant test score makes it easy for both ends to use the system with its easy flow of operation and simple user interface.

    Schools Using this Educational Software:
    • Star Light Academy, Ota
    • Agape Love Inside-Out Montessori, Ota
    • EduSystems

  • BIT Store Managment Software: This inventory software provides a simple but comprehensive solution for managing small to medium store
  • BIT Restaurant Managment Software: This inventory software provides a simple but comprehensive solution for managing your restaurant business

  • Website Design and Development Projects: this contains the list of websites that I have designed


Learn Programming

[Download my Free E-book on Web Design and Programming]

I wrote this free book around 2015 (some of the technology may be old now and many URL not active again) but you can learn one or two things from it.

Since I have been programming web for more than 15 years, to serve as a one-stop-shop, for want-to-be web designer, programmer and any interested person (because I try to cover many topics related to web, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, PHP and MySQL ) just like me. What many aspiring developer or programmer needs is a push or a dive to programming, but because web development is a different animal that require not just a programming skill, that is why I go through the pain to cover all this topics to enable you to start building web based system or application. I have come across many want-to-be-programmers wanting me to teach them how to program or developer web application, a lot of this people are really serious about pursuing this passion; some are computer science graduate and undergraduate, some fine artist, while many are curiously driven to learn programming, I’ve tried my best to teach, guide and mentor many of such people, although I’ve recorded some success in this pursuit although not with some people.

Interesting PHP Sample Codes

My Masters Thesis

This may be boring but educative..... after all it is more useful to share it here with you than to leave it idle on my PC

Master in Information Technology (MIT) at LAUTECH, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.
Design and implementation of an online testing system for LAUTECH MIT students

M.Ed in Educational Technology at National Open University Of Nigeria
Effect of computer animation on academic performance of technical college students in visual arts concepts in lagos state, nigeria

M.F.A in Painting at the University Of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
Exploration of pareidolia phenomenon for mixed-media painting